Jeff Hensley

I found the field of hvac quite by accident, you might even say it found to me. In 2005 I moved to Missouri to pursue training and eventually a career in diesel mechanics . Just by coincidence the house we rented was behind an HVAC shop The owner of the house was the owner of the shop as well. Within a week I acquired a job there to pay the bills while I study for deisel mechanics. I didn't know it at the time but this was the beginning of my 18 year career in heating and cooling. I started off as an installer helper and quickly climbed the ladder to installer and then lead installer, about three years in I was advised by veteran coworkers that the average Joe would need 10 years field experience to be capable enough to be a technician. Right around my 5 year mark I was promoted to technician, then later promoted to the sales department, at 10 years in I started Hensley & Sons Heating & Cooling.

Throughout my career I have dedicated myself to being the best I can be in this field, HVAC is my calling, my career AND my hobby.

My guarantee to every customer is that my nearly 2 decades of knowledge and experience, coupled with my unwavering dedication to quality will provide you with an accurate diagnosis to any HVAC problem and the most cost effective solution. 


Licensed, Insured and Serving Taney, Stone, Christian and Boone County.

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